Michael Winn

Michael Winn

Michael Winn heeft een heel eigen manier ontwikkeld om het vormloze op zinvolle en verdiepende wijze vorm te geven. Onze verbinding met het Taoïsme wordt hierdoor verruimd en we krijgen een dieper psychologisch inzicht in de wijze waarop dit in ons eigen leven toepasbaar is.


Eind jaren zeventig in New York maakte Michael Winn samen met Juan Li deel uit van de eerste groep westerse cursisten van Mantak Chia. Hij heeft een belangrijke bijdrage geleverd met het toegankelijk maken van de Tao voor het Westen. Vanuit deze samenwerking ontvouwde zich het Healing Tao systeem. Hij schreef veel teksten voor Mantak Chia’s eerste zeven boeken, zoals de Taoïstische geheimen der Liefde.


Michael Winn komt regelmatig naar Nederland, sinds 2013 geeft hij ook lezingen en workshops voor beginnende cursisten. www.healingtaousa.com


Workshops 16 Maart tot 26 Maart  2018


Your body renews itself every second. This potential to change forms the foundation of the Deep Healing Qigong. All cells will be renewed, some faster than others. Within a period of ± 7 years your whole body has renewed itself. Normally the cells will ‘copy-paste’ into new ones, in that way the flaws are copied too. Through the Deep Healing Qigong you reprogram the cells into a healthier state as before. We are happy Michael Winn comes to teach this precious Qigong form.
For the advanced practioners he teaches a review of the Star Alchemy, and the wonderful Heaven and Earth Alchemy.




LECTURE: in English!

Tao Cosmology & Healing        Fri evening 16 March 2018


WORKSHOPS: in English!

Deep Healing Qigong               Sa 17 & Su 18 March 2018
Review: Star Alchemy             Tue 20 & Wed 21 March 2018
Heaven & Earth Alchemy        Thu 22 until Mon 26 March 2018




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Tao Cosmology & Healing
Friday March 16, 2018
time: 19:30 – 21:30
location: Djoj – Rotterdam  (Route)

€ 25.-


Michael Winn is a wonderful speaker, who has a clear view of the underlaying structures of our physical and spiritual universe. Together with Mantak Chia and Juan Li, he has made the Healing Tao System accessible to the West. He is a good teacher of this unique step by step way to enrich our lives in a significant way.

This evening he will introduce the Taoist principles and how they are related to the laws, and origin of the universe. He will show the relations between these principles and our health. Like no other Michael can unravel the complex structures of our existence. He will explain the alchemical processes deep in our body, in the earth and the Universe, and how to connect them with each other.

This lecture is meant for everyone who is interested in the Taoistic approach to healing.




Please Take Notice! The workshops will take place at different locations !


Deep Healing Qigong weekend

Saturday March 17 & Sunday March 18, 2018
time: 10:00 – 17:00
location: Djoj – Rotterdam  (Route)
€ 225.-


The Deep Healing Qigong, formerly known as Medical Chi Kung, is a form that integrates movement and meditation. In China it is practiced in hospitals (by patients and staff) to deal with chronical diseases, and mostly to strengthen ones resistance against any disease. Many aspects from the Healing Tao practice are integrated; connecting heaven and earth, the five elements, and the six healing sounds. The form consists of five different parts. The movements are simple, you do not need any experience in Healing Tao. The form is usually done standing, but it can be done sitting as well, even laying in your bed. What you do is subtle, but it has a strong and deep effect. No better healing than self healing.

No pre-requisite! This workshop is open to anyone, you do not need any experience with Healing Tao.


Patients and staff practitioning the Deep Healing Qigong



Review: Star Alchemy

from: Tuesday March 20, 2018 – 11:00
until: Wednesday March 21, 2018 – 18:00
location: Villa Schoolthoff – Lochem (Route)
€ 265.- 4 pers. room
€ 280.- 2 pers. room
€ 305.- 1 pers. room (very limited amount, so be quick)
including bed and meals


Star Alchemy, also called Sealing of the Five Senses, unifies the five shen. The five streams of personal consciousness that operate through our senses, with the five forces of the collective Stellar Self, in the West called the Over Souls. The body of our stellar mind can be viewed in the four quadrants of fixed stars in the night sky, originally symbolized by heraldic animals (Black Turtle, Red Phoenix, Green Dragon, White Tiger). The fifth, the quintessence, is the Purple Pole Star in the center of the sky, with the Great Bear of the Big Dipper marking the progression of the seasons as its handle rotates like the arm of a cosmic clock. These personal and stellar essences are fused in the upper dantian, the cauldron in the head.

The pure open space connecting the three cauldrons is integrated. This stabilizes the celestial axis and activates what Lao Tzu calls the “Great Tone”. Profound peace and different spiritual qualities continuously manifest from this activated core and radiate sonically into our physical becoming. Our soul pattern expands its conscious destiny to include dimensions of life beyond the physical plane.
Pre-requisite: Greatest Kan & Li


Heaven & Earth Alchemy

from: Thursday March 22, 2018 – 11:00
until: Monday March 26, 2018 – 16:30
location: Villa Schoolthof – Lochem  (Route)
€ 577.- 4 pers. room
€ 638.- 2 pers. room
€ 729.- 1 pers. room (very limited amount, so be quick)
including bed and meals


Heaven and Earth Alchemy (the Congress of Heaven and Earth) explores the origins of human love and how it serves to integrate the 3 Treasures/Originals of the Tao. We couple the Early Heaven or formless Self with the Later Heaven (Earth) physical Self. The Self here identifies itself with two dimensions that co-exist and co-create: the ‘formless form’ of our being and the ‘substantial form’ of our becoming.

These two polar dimensions of our greater Self engage in cosmic sex. They couple in order to re-open the portal to their Original state, or ‘Pre-Self’. This pre-state or Primordial Heaven is called hundun, the primal chaos-unity or unconditional love state that preceded the ‘big bang’ of the cosmic egg cracking open.

The Three Pure Ones or Three Originals (san yuan) of Heaven, Earth, and Humanity are gathered in the three body cauldrons as original jing, original chi, and original shen. This three-tone harmonic chord is resonated with the fundamental or original tone of time and space. Consciousness then stabilizes in the axial center where our true multi-dimensional nature can now be embodied. A continuum between unconditional love and the myriad forms of conditional love is consciously crystallized.

This practice creates a tonal double vortex spinning faster than the speed of light within the void of space. This opens up fully the Music of the Spheres, the cosmic subtle bodies in harmonic play. Into this symphony is fused our inner sage’s immortal presence, the quintessence of humanity meditating on unconditional love in the center of a cosmic torus (spiritual black hole). We must enter this primordial sound portal to complete our journey of Return to the Origin.

Pre-requisite: Star Alchemy


Extra Night:


In case you want to do both, the Review and Heaven & Earth Alchemy.
You can stay an extra night in Villa Schoolthoff.
Wednesday 21, March 2018
€ 60.- 4 pers. room
€ 75.- 2 pers. room
€ 90.- 1 pers. room
including dinner & breakfast




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€ 65.- star


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People doing the Deep Healing Chi Kung outside of a hospital in China