Gilles Marin



One Mind, Five Intelligences

Fusion Practice as the Taoist approach to the biology of consciousness

5-day Workshop (live or online live stream)

10 – 14 October 2020

Djoj – Rotterdam (or from home)



The Fusion Practice of the Healing Tao is the missing link to many philosophies, meditations, and medical approaches, it links the East to the West,’ according to Gilles Marin.


This class helps you to clearly differentiate your whole mind into five major mental states that extend from how you are biologically designed: your five intelligences (rational, emotional, instinctive, spiritual and physical). Learning to perceive your intelligences helps to create mental space and quietness, free from mental conflict.

We invited Gilles Marin to The Netherlands not because of his worldwide fame in Chi Nei Tsang, but for the magic of his accessible way of mixing the
Five Elemental Forces of Nature through the Fusion Practice. Gilles’ Fusion is not only  something worth experiencing, but essential to survive in these times of polarization. After this class you find yourself deeply centered and healed.


> The workshop will be in English

> No prerequisites, the training is open to beginners



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Who is Gilles Marin?


Gilles Marin is Senior Instructor Universal Healing Tao and Chi Nei Tsang (Taoist organ massage), and Master Practitioner. He is director of the Chi Nei Tsang Institute in Berkeley, California and in Nice, France. Gilles has studied and practiced since 1976 and was born in the south of France.


He is the author of three books:

– Healing From Within with Chi Nei Tsang 

– Five Elements, Six Conditions: A Taoist Approach to Emotional Healing, Psychology, and Internal Alchemy 

– Healing Buddha Palms Chi Kung


Read more about  Gilles Marin


Watch Gilles Marin speak about the five intelligences 


Why join this workshop?


This teaching is the missing link to many philosophies, meditations, and medical approaches. In the so technologically evolved and strong-minded Western culture, we are lacking in terms of emotional maturity, and are ignorant and confused about our different states of cognition. No psychology or medical science has ever been able to give us satisfying answers about our different states of cognition. This one does.

You learn to juggle with your five intelligences and acquire mental space for mental clarity, emotional solidity, spiritual guidance and peace of mind while establishing emotional processing with the Fusion meditation. Gilles: ‘This is work that took people lifetimes in monasteries to refine such meditation formulas.’


‘In just 5 days with Gilles, it felt like being transported to a space of very deep and ancient knowing, and I learned of the deeper language of my being – the ways my various intelligences (and not just my rational mind!) communicate. 


What I love about this class and Gilles’ teaching is that it is timeless, strikes a profound chord of resonance in my body, and that unlike all the previous teachings which gave me some good advice but never actually showed me how to implement it – this training seamlessly provided both the wisdom AND the ability to access it, right here and now.


If you are drawn to this course, it must mean you are ready for it and the chance to experience a profoundly deep level of healing – and remembering.’

Yaeli Moonrise, July 2019

What results can you expect


  • To differentiate clearly the five major components of your mind and their specific intelligences (rational, emotional, instinctive, spiritual and physical).
  • To be able to alternatively exercise and rest each mental state independently.
  • To create a complete mental, emotional and spiritual healing process in relation to your physical body and genetic background.
  • To free yourself from mental conflicts.
  • To provide yourself with more mental space and mental quietness.
  • To acquire mental clarity, emotional robustness, and to enhance your appreciation, enjoyment, and guidance in life.
  • To develop a solid sense of self-worth.



Dates, possibilities & Cost


Gilles Marin  teaches ‘One Mind, Five Intelligences’ in 5 days.


You can participate live in Djoj in Rotterdam, or from home through online live streaming via Zoom. Every workshop day will start at 10:00 and last till 17:00. Online participants have a limited possibility for asking questions.


The workshops are recorded and will be available for the live and online participants.


Saturday 10 October – Wednesday 14 October, 2020:
Live in Djoj: € 575,- incl. VAT (btw)
Live online: € 275,- incl. VAT (btw)



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Cancellation by the Healing Tao Foundation


If by force of circumstance (by example COVID-19 regulations) the workshop teacher cannot give the workshop, the Healing Tao Foundation in the Netherlands may cancel the workshop, in which case fees already paid will be refunded in full, also the deposit.


If the number of participants is insufficient, the Healing Tao Foundation in The Netherlands may cancel the workshop, in which case fees already paid will be refunded in full. In such case you will be notified 7 days before the workshop’s start at the latest.


In case the number of participants is too small for the intended venue, the Healing Tao Foundation in the Netherlands may change the venue to another location. In such case you will be notified 7 days before the workshop’s start at the latest.


Cancellation Policy


In case you need to cancel your reservation, please do so as soon as possible! When you cancel after September 24, 2020, we can only refund your payment (excl. deposit), if we find someone on the waiting list, who is willing to attend the workshop instead of you.



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Final Confirmation


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Antony Duyklaan 5-7

3051 HA  Rotterdam

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Food & Drinks


Water and tea are for free, and you can bring your own lunch. We hope that by then you will be able to order a warm lunch from Djoj again. You order before 10:00 in the morning, at the bar in the main building. Cost: € 8.





In case you want to stay overnight in Rotterdam, you have to organize your own accommodation. If you are fast you can reserve a room with Djoj (€ 20 incl. breakfast), book through:

If Djoj is fully booked you can search for  alternatives. 



What to wear


It is best to wear loose clothing in which you can move easily, and comfortable shoes, slippers or socks in which your feet stay warm. An extra cardigan, sweater or blanket may keep you snug when sitting quietly. And do not forget to bring a bottle of water with you.





The Qigong workshops organised by the Healing Tao Foundation in The Netherlands aim to enhance self-practice and self-development. They are in no way intended as medical treatment or medical care and can never replace consulting a general practitioner or any other medical doctor.



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Content of the program


  1. Consciousness is life, the purpose of life is to learn to live consciously. To manifest, life needs five essential points:
  • A transmission from the origin of life: Water power – Memory of the past (Transmits life)
  • A purpose for every life: Fire power – Attraction toward the future (Directs life)
  • A place and a time for existence: Earth power – Being alive here and now (Contains life)
  • A shape that defines and expresses individuality: Metal power – Refinement (Conducts life)
  • A conscience that’s self-reflective, and analytic: Wood power – Knowing (Awareness of life)


  1. The Five Powers, their intelligences and the five directions of existence
  • Spiritual axis from Water power to Fire power
  • Soul axis from Metal power to Wood power
  • Earth axis around which existence revolves


  1. Tai’Chi and the Pa-Kua: The most comprehensive representation of existence
  • The movement of life and the five powers
  • The 8 trigrams and the human body


  1. Being plugged-in into life network
  • The biological clock and behavior
  • Sunlight runs life (attraction)
  • Water transmit life (DNA)
  • Earth supports and nourishes life
  • Earth and Water under the sun grows Wood = Consciousness
  • Metal and breath of life = Life and cognition conduction wiring: the meridian system


  1. Biological manifestation from energy and information to being
  • Where am I coming from – Water ancestral memory into DNA and bones of our ancestors
  • Where am I attracted to – Fire of the guiding light into our blood and hormones
  • What am I and what do I do – Earth into manifestation and nourishment of our flesh
  • What do I feel – Metal into shape and breath of our existence
  • What do I think – Wood into nerve and brain to conduct our consciousness


  1. Our metabolism manifests our internal alchemy
  • From Tai-Chi to Five Elemental Forces
  • The cyclic law of creation and mental aspects
  • The law of preservation or control and emotional aspects
  • The law of surrendering to the healing process – The six conditions for healing


  1. Our internal alchemy is plugged into external alchemy
  • Emotional life, maturity and the growing of our soul = Healing = Alchemical upgrade
  • The seven levels of individuation
  • Fusion of Human Potential Taoist formulas
  • Upgrade of our internal alchemy = Upgrade of our consciousness = Upgrade of our life
  • Getting internal energy from the external sources





  1. Sunning practice
  • To increase production of serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, endorphins and other healing hormones
  • To inhibit adrenalin, cortisol and other stress hormones production
  • To be calm and contributes to healing and inner peace


  1. The Six Healing Sounds 
  • To clearly define the biology of the Five Elemental Forces
  • To trace the meridian system to enhance vitality
  • To differentiate the Five Intelligences and to eliminate internal conflict


  1. The Microcosmic Orbit
  • To differentiate the seven levels of individuation and enhancing our human potential


  1. Eight directions Misogi
  • Qi extension for cleansing of the healing space using Pa-Kua principles


  1. Sleeping Qigong
  • Learn to sleep on command
  • Access to dreamtime and lucid dreaming


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