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We are living through the profound changes accompanying the end of an era. Human society at a planetary level has entered a totally unknown space at the social, economic, political, and spiritual level. At the individual level the accelerated changes are leaving behind millions of people incapable of adapting to the needs of the moment.

The human organism is designed for operating at progressively higher vibrational levels. The organism is not designed for stagnating at the level of negative emotional and mental states. What ensures good health is the capacity to increase vibrational level with a program of self-development that harmoniously keeps us integrated with society and the environment.

What guarantees the evolutionary trajectory in the Tao practices, is the development of what is called, “the three cauldrons”. We are born at the first cauldron where survival is attained by keeping the ego at the center of the personality. We evolve from the second cauldron of the heart where the ego expands to include others as equals and the heart increases vibrational level through compassion. Evolutionarily we are all designed to develop the vibrational level of compassion.

The severe economic crisis which began in 2008 increased the level of fear and isolation of a great part of human society. To avoid a fall in level of consciousness, in the I Ching Dao a three-year program was initiated consisting of personal practices, assisting people in need and the planet in places of conflict and despair. From that program we learned that the idea of assisting others is extremely attractive to many, but the degree of motivation, perseverance, and determination to carry out the altruistic practices long-term was only managed by a very limited number of participants. When we attempt to do something that potentially can open new possibilities, often, the first things encountered are the unconscious factors resisting change that keep the personality permanently stagnated.


Why join this workshop

We are going through an intense period of the mind of separation and a fall in level of consciousness. The factors which in 2008 generated a high degree of anxiety and fear instead of decreasing have intensified. To stay on a path of development for which we came to the world, we are proposing a new program of personal practices, assisting people in need and the planet in places of conflict. The new program of altruism points at the unconscious factors preventing rising to the level of our highest ideals. The program is structured in three levels:

We focus on the unconscious factors preventing rising above the mind exclusively focused on itself. A reality of this life is that everyone, without distinction, at some point needs help from others. It can be economic help, emotional support, assistance healing or in the process of dying.
It is easy to close the heart and sink into one’s own concerns when survival is at a stake. In times of rapid change it is essential to have resources that can help us bring out our humanity. Wanting to help others is a very attractive idea, but it is not sufficient only to develop the second cauldron of the heart. The compassion of the second cauldron begins with self-compassion. Without a solid base of self-compassion, assisting others on the long-term, is going to be limited. The capacity to sustain a program of assistance comes from the strength overcoming one’s own personal limitations. It is easy to help a few times, but to sustain the level of long-term effort assisting others requires having attained a degree of stability working on oneself. Without self-love the energy practices at best, can only manage short-term results.
In each session the first level of practice is focused on developing the self-compassion of the second cauldron.

The second level of practices focuses on developing the vibrational frequency of compassion assisting people in need at the individual level. The second level of practices goes from idea to direct action. Compassion is active not theoretical.

The third level of practices is carried out through small groups of long-term assistance. A group of 3-6 participants agree to work together in a support program of their own creation. The purpose of the third level is taking initiative assisting others. The 2008 program showed that for most people, following a program designed by the I Ching Dao was easier than taking initiative to create a program of their own once the three years’ program was completed. The Tao practices are not designed to create followers but to give independence.

Living without high a purpose that furthers personal development is the root cause of the tremendous degree of fear, anxiety, emotional and mental problems as well as the violence we find in contemporary society. High technological development has shown it does not translate into greater happiness, wellbeing, emotional and mental health, or peace in the world. As observed by the great psychologist, Carl Jung toward the end of his life in the 1960’s, “the world hangs by a very thin thread that is the human psyche…taking refuge in fantasy and doing nothing is the worst option in times of accelerated change.”


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The structure of the program of Altruism


The program of assistance consists of 9 evening sessions of 2 hours each, beginning on November 16, 2022 and ending on January 25, 2023. The classes will begin at 7 pm and end at 9 pm.
In each session the first part will consist of the practices for developing the second cauldron of the heart through self-compassion. The program introduces practices for “softening” the karmic knots which prevent the flourishing of the second cauldron of the heart.
The second part of each session continues with the compassion practice assisting people in need. Each session explores different ways of developing the second cauldron of the heart.
From the sixth session we begin to set the foundations for creating small groups in charge of long-range assistance. In the same manner that we all want to be helped in difficult times, we have the universal responsibility of helping others when in need.


TOPICS OF SESSION 1: Developing the right conditions for opening the second cauldron by assisting others: The first stage of self-compassion: developing a friendly attitude toward oneself


TOPICS OF SESSION 2: Second stage self-compassion: obstacles to self-compassion, karmic softening


TOPICS OF SESSION 3: Third stage self-compassion: self-compassion with suffering


TOPICS OF SESSION 4: Fourth stage self-compassion: unconscious limiting expectations, developing the mind of illumination


TOPICS OF SESSION 5: Assisting others: the nature of compassion, developing a friendly attitude toward oneself and others


TOPICS OF SESSION 6: Obstacles to compassion: the four limiting sub-personalities


TOPICS OF SESSION 7: Developing the 4 Strengths, dynamics of group assistance


TOPICS OF SESSION 8: Obstacles to compassion: compassion with difficult people and enemies, dynamics of group assistance


TOPICS OF SESSION 9: Review of essential points assisting others


This program is designed to overcome the indifference, impotence or lack of motivation affecting many people when contacting the pain and suffering of a large part of humanity. Assisting others is the way in which pain and suffering is transformed into wellbeing and living powerfully. At the same time the program helps develop group-strength counteracting the isolation in which many people are living right now.
The decisions we each make are the decisive factors determining what we experience in life. In times of rapid change every decision we make sets in motion a cause affecting our destiny, the lives of those dear to us and the world.

Once the nine sessions are completed, continued support will be given to all those carrying out an assistance program of their own or as a group. From the 2008 program we have groups that have continued to this day, and regularly receive assistance and specialized practices for the issues they are working with.


“Every human being has to decide if he is going to walk on the path of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive egoism.” Martin Luther King Jr.


Who is Juan Li


Juan Li has had a long and intensive collaboration with Mantak Chia from the eighties. He illustrated and edited his first twelve books. Over the years Juan has developed a personal style of teaching Healing Tao, mixing it with elements of the Tibetan Buddhist practice. Juan is a master in the I Ching and Tai Chi, and teaches in more than 16 countries in Europe and the Americas.


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Dates & Time


Session 1  –  16 November  2022,     19:00 – 21:00

Session 2  –  23 November  2022,     19:00 – 21:00

Session 3  –  30 November 2022,      19:00 – 21:00

Session 4  –  7 December 2022,         19:00 – 21:00

Session 5  –  14 December 2022,      19:00 – 21:00

Session 6  –  21 December 2022,      19:00 – 21:00

Session 7  –  11 January 2023,          19:00 – 21:00

Session 8  –  18 January 2023,          19:00 – 21:00

Session 9  –  25 January 2023,          19:00 – 21:00




One day before a session starts you will receive the link to join the session through Zoom.

If there is a session you cannot participate “live” you will be sent another link so you can watch it afterwards.




€ 225 for 9 online sessions of 2 hours




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Cancellation Policy


In case you need to cancel your registration, please do so as soon as possible! When you cancel after 10 November 2022, we cannot refund your payment.


Cancellation by the organizer


If by force of circumstance the workshop teacher cannot give the workshop, an alternative date will be scheduled.




The introductory level of the Inner Smile, Six Healing Sounds and the Microcosmic Orbit.


What to wear


It is best to wear loose clothing in which you can move easily, and comfortable shoes, slippers or socks in which your feet stay warm. An extra cardigan, sweater or blanket may keep you snug when sitting quietly. And do not forget to have something to drink with you, like a bottle of water.




The workshops organized by the Healing Tao foundation and the Healing Light Foundation in The Netherlands aim to enhance self-practice and self-development. They are in no way intended as medical treatment or medical care and can never replace consulting a general practitioner or any other medical doctor.


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