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Juan Li is met Michael Winn één van de eerste Healing Tao cursisten geweest in 1980, toen Mantak Chia net begon met lesgeven in New York. Hij illustreerde jarenlang Mantak Chia’s boeken en maakte zijn posters.

Woonachtig in Gran Canaria geeft hij les vanuit een heel eigen stijl – binnen Europa in Spanje, Duitsland, Nederland, Griekenland en Rusland; buiten Europa, oa in Zuid Amerika. Zijn eerste liefde, het Tibetaans Boeddhisme, is in zijn teaching verweven.


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Dream Practice Intensive

12 – 16 December, 2018

Juan Li is renowned for his Dream Practice retreats. Like no other, Juan Li knows how to guide you through this journey. He does so in a very accessible way. This is one of the most special retreats by Juan Li, you’ll love it!


Why Dream Practice?

Dream Practice helps to deepen your consciousness beyond the level of your ego. Clearing that obstacle is a resource for self-development. It is a pathway for crossing dimensions, and live the life that is meant to be and beyond.


Juan Li about the training

This is the first time ever, the Dream Practice Intensive retreat will consist of three parts. On the first part we learn the fundamental elements for establishing a consistent dream practice. The second part focuses on healing practices during dream state. The third part trains in the sequence for crossing dimensions in a state of clarity at the moment of death and transcendence.

The first part of the dream practices develops the basic skills for establishing a conscious bridge between dimensions. The first part consists of:

– Clearing the obstacle of unconsciousness preventing development of dream state as a resource for self-development

– Clearing the obstacle of going to sleep tired which prevents clarity in dream state

– The emotional clearing needed for eliminating stress dreams

– Stabilizing mental clarity allowing dream recall to take place

– The foundations for developing lucidity in dream state

– The start of development of the Yin body of dreams

– Becoming aware there is continuity of consciousness beyond the dissolution of the ego

The second part in the dream practice intensive will focus on healing during dream state. The second part consists of:

– Developing a structure for healing the causes of illness not just the symptoms

– A series of sitting practices for transforming factors of self-rejection, guilt, shame and sustained anger behind serious health imbalances.

– Establishing the experience of Original Mind as the model of absolute health

– Establishing sleep and dream state as a space for healing

The third part of the dream practice intensive will focus on the practices for guiding the consciousness at the moment of dying and transcendence. The third part consists of:

– Finishing any pending cycles and clearing attachments before crossing dimension each day

– Becoming conscious of the dissolution of the elements of consciousness in the process of falling asleep

– Guiding the consciousness to the absolute experience of Original Mind as the elements of consciousness dissolve

– Developing dream state as a platform for guiding the consciousness of the dead to the upper astral dimension

The second and third levels of dream practice require a solid foundation in the first level. This dream intensive retreat is a great opportunity to train establishing what is called in the practices, “a path of transcendence” and counteracting the present tendency to assume we are the physical body and that when we die everything ends. As multidimensional beings, we operate only for a limited number of hours in the physical dimension, our true permanent dimension is the subtle one. The physical dimension is limited by time, the subtle dimensions are beyond time and therefore eternal. As the I Ching suggests, “abide by what endures”. 


For those who have not yet developed dream state as a resource for self-development, this is a golden opportunity to embark on “a path of transcendence”. For experienced Dream Practitioners, this is an opportunity to submerge yourself deeper into infinity.


> The training will be in English.
> Prerequisite for participation is the Healing Tao course: Fusion 1.


Date & Time
Wednesday December 12, 2018, 11 AM

until Sunday December 16, 2018, 5 PM.

Conference Center Samaya
Hollendewagenweg 20
3985 SG Werkhoven
The Netherlands

Pieter Post will prepare us wonderfull vegetarian meals with biological products. The food will be sugar free and lactose free. In case you need to eat glutenfree, the additional costs are € 35. 

Training, including room and board, and including € 65 deposit:
€ 607    triple room
€ 638    double room
€ 668    1+1 combined room (shared bathroom)
€ 729    single room


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2 – Fill in the Registration Form. State the type of room, and if applicable, mention the name(s) of your roommate(s). The availability of single rooms is limited, we can not guarantee you will be placed in the room of your preference.

 You can only subscribe 1 person at a time, each application requires a personal (unique) email address. The official confirmation email with all necessary information about the workshop, will be sent 4 weeks prior to the retreat.
3 – Transfer your € 65 deposit to the bankaccount of:
Stichting Healing Light
IBAN: NL10 INGB 0006 5167 85 
Concerning: Deposit Juan Li 2018, and your name
This payment is non-refundable in case you can not attend.

 4 – You are officially registrered the moment you have paid your € 65 deposit. Until then you are on the waiting list, with no guarantee of attendance.
Rest payment

Please pay the rest of the amount according to your choice of room, before November 14, 2018. You can transfer your Rest Payment to the same bankaccount as the Deposit.
Concerning: Rest Payment Juan Li 2018, and your name

In case you need to cancel your reservation, please do so as soon as possible! When you cancel after November 28, 2018, we can only refund your Rest Payment if we find someone on the waiting list, who is willing to attend the retreat instead of you.


For questions and information: info@healingtao.info


We are looking forward to welcome you at this wonderful Dream Retreat,
Warm greetings on behalve of Juan Li, and the whole Dutch Healing Tao Team,
Wim Schermer




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