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Extra online classes by Juan Li


Dear follower of Juan Li,


We are happy to announce Juan Li will teach 5 extra classes online in May and June 2021. Theme is:




Fear is the most common emotion with all beings having a physical body. The purpose of fear is the survival of the organism. Fear is also based on the future and the question, “what will happen if…?”.

In times of accelerated change and uncertain future as we are living now, fear increases and turns into anxiety. Since 2001 with the fall of the twin towers in New York humanity as a whole entered a cycle of increasing fear culminating in the present pandemic and the threat of survival it poses.


Since the start of the pandemic the levels of anxiety, depression, mental problems, domestic violence and suicide have dramatically increased in most countries. Times of rapid change and uncertainty require that our organism be in the best possible shape. As the I Ching teaches in Hexagram 39, “Obstruction”, “The superior person turns the attention on himself and molds his character.”


In five sessions we are going to present a program for transforming fear into courage together with practices for maintaining the immune system efficiently flowing with changes.

Dates & Time


Session 1 –  May 5 2021, 19:30 – 21:00

Session 2 –  May 19 2021, 19:30 – 21:00

Session 3 –  June 2 2021, 19:30 – 21:00

Session 4 –  June 16 2021, 19:30 – 21:00

Session 5 –  June 30 2021, 19:30 – 21:00

In case you cannot join a session, there will be audio recordings available afterwards.

One day before a session starts you will be sent the link to join the session through Zoom.



 € 125 for 5 online sessions of 1.5 hours 




You can register with Neska: Neska@healingtao.info
and transfer your € 125 payment to the bank account of:


      Stichting Healing Light

      IBAN: NL10 INGB 0006 5167 85


      Concerning: Payment JL21summer, and “your name”


We are looking forward to welcome you online

Juan Li, Neska, Carin & Wim.

The five sessions will consist of:

1-Session: May 5 2021

-Exercises for the immune system

-The nature of fear

-How fear arises

-What fear does

-The 2 categories of fear

-The 4 steps for transforming fear

-PRACTICE: Applying the 4 steps for transforming fear

2-Session: May 19 2021

-Exercises for the immune system

-Fear and the central channel

-Fear and the Wei Qi protective energy

-The 7 steps for lasting change

-PRACTICE: Applying the 7 steps for lasting change


3-Session: June 2 2021

-Exercises for the immune system

-Fear as a habit of reacting with rejection

-Developing courage to counteract fear

-PRACTICE: Transforming the fear into courage:


4-Session: June 16 2021

-Exercises for the immune system

-The root of fear and the 7 Basic Human Needs

-PRACTICE: Investigating the order of priorities of the 7 Basic Human Needs for getting at the root of fear

5-Session: June 30 2021

-Exercises for the immune system

-Exchanging the fearful personality for a courageous one

-Review of the process for transforming fear into courage

Each session will relate the process of fear and anxiety with the immune system and the practices to support the immune system to flow with changes. The ultimate goal of this program is developing simple tools of transformation to assist us in this stage of life and with sufficient experience, assisting others to flow with changes.

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